Wireless Access Point Networks

Wireless access points or Wifi coverage allows electronic devices of all types to exchange data or connect to a network wirelessly. CWC has over 20 years experienceproviding Wifi design, installation, and mapping for hundreds businesses large andsmall. The coverage of one or more access points can extend from an area as small as a single suite or office, while the use of multiple wireless access points can span miles covering a large campus or tall high rise buildings reaching multiple floors. Many large warehouses are using this technology to keep inventory on wireless electronic devices which transfer stocking data over a wireless access point network. Schools and universities use Wifi to provide their students a secured wireless network, in which students may accesses a database provided by the university or school. It has become a staple for all successful businesses to provide Wifi for employees. You can also provide Wifi as a commercial convenience that attracts customers. Our team of professionals wants to help you get the most out of your wireless network by installing our highly cost effective structured Wifi network system.